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Advisers over Banks

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Kiwis are so loyal. Time and again I hear from clients “I’ve banked with this bank since I was a kid so I’d rather stay with them”. This is admirable, but the experience I can relate to you of some, is very different.

Take a client who had banked with a building society for years, loved their personal banker but through their job they had to move to another town. Their experience there was very different. Every time they went into this new local branch, they were made to feel like they were an imposition. This is an older couple and they were made to feel it. As a result, when the opportunity came up to build their new dream home, they wanted to lend from anybody except their current mortgage holder. What’s more they were told by them that they would have to do something that they simply did not want to do which is sell their current home. This couple felt that they were simply not being heard despite many years of loyalty.

Its easy to bag banks. They make huge profits and take them off shore. But that’s unfair. Banks are businesses, and some are acting that way, but some are committing more to culture and the customer experience.

An independent adviser is familiar with the banks that you have nothing to do with. Therefore, if a good relationship with your bank is important to you, we know who to put your lending with.

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