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Important questions to consider when investing

Important Questions To Consider When Investing

If you are ready to start investing, here are some important questions to consider when deciding where to invest and what to invest in:

What types of investments are possible?

There are bank deposits, bonds, property, shares, managed funds, or a business.

How long do you wish to invest for?

A short-term investor (1 to 3 years), should look at a more stable investment product that offers consistent returns. A long term investor (10 years +), has time to go with the ups and downs of shares and property investing for the promise of better returns.

Do you need to have access to your money quickly?

How easily we can turn your investments into cash is called liquidity. For example, a bank savings account is a high-liquidity investment because you can get to your money easily.

Do you need income from this investment?

If you’re after a regular income from your investment, it’s best to put your money where we can have more certainty about the interest it will earn, such as a bank deposit or a bond paying a fixed amount of interest for a set period.

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