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Introducing Wayne Jackson

wayne jackson

It’s great to be back home in the BOP having lived in Australia, the Pacific Islands and South East Asia for several years. Whilst in Thailand I met Pranee, and recently we returned with our 11 year old daughter Karina to New Zealand. I have had a great career – starting out on dairy farms, building businesses and providing insurance advice.

I wrote my first policy for a client in 1989. He fell through gymnasium floor where he was ‘working out’ - only 6 weeks after purchasing the income insurance I had arranged for him! Off work for 13 months he was ever so grateful… It was then that I ‘really’ understood the importance of ‘insurance’!

Myself - “I didn’t buy life insurance because I am going to die - I bought it because those I love are going to live! Not only that - I insure my income so I will still be paid if I am unable to work – which means that I and my family will be able to carry on just fine! You can’t live without money!!”

I enjoy being of service and providing advice so that my clients can decide what’s best for ‘them’!!

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