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Now is the time to consider switching Kiwisaver funds


There have recently been changes announced to the number of default providers for KiwiSaver Schemes.

This means that if you are currently enrolled with one of the exiting providers (AMP, ANZ, ASB, Fisher Funds, or Mercer) and haven't made an active choice to stay with that provider, you will be transferred to one of the new default providers.

This also means it's a great opportunity to look at your KiwiSaver and consider what other investment options are available.

As well as performance, you should think about fees, good service and communication and what that means to you. It also helps to work directly with an advisor who knows the ins-and-outs of KiwiSaver and how you can access those funds if you need to.

Last year, our KiwiSaver fund was the top-performing KiwiSaver strategy, providing a 33.76% return for the year ending December 2020. This is an actively managed fund, which means that your investment is looked after by experienced and knowledgeable investment managers.

Switching to the right fund can make a huge difference to your overall results. Meaning more $$ for your retirement.

So make sure that your retirement dollars are kept in good hands. Give us a call today.

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