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It may be a surprise to some to learn that you can still get loans with very low deposits. It is possible! You can also get loans with a variety of conditions to help with specific circumstances.

That’s why you should always ask and make no assumptions about what lenders will or won’t do. Ask Mortgage Link at Hallam Jones. It is an increasingly familiar story that some who really need a solution to difficult financial circumstances are simply reluctant to ask.

Sometimes they’re embarrassed about a default in their history or feel that they should be in a better place than they are and don’t want anyone to know. But they know they need help. Just ask! Ask Mortgage Link at Hallam Jones.

If it’s possible we’ll let you know. And if you need to make changes to make it possible in time we’ll let you know that too. But start the ball rolling right now and you may find yourself closer to a solution than you think.

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