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Thinking about buying a property - but don't know where to start?

mortgage advice

At Hallam Jones we can take the stress out of worrying about whether you can get a mortgage or how much you can borrow.

As experienced mortgage brokers our team can walk you through the process step by step.

1. See if you qualify
The crucial first step. How much will the bank lend and what are the repayments likely to be?
You'll need to provide proof of your income and have a clear picture of your expenses. We can help you pull that info together.

2. Get pre-approval
We'll pull your application together. And then get a letter from the bank to confirm how much you can borrow.

3. Making an offer
You must be comfortable with what you think the property is worth. To do this, properly investigate the property as best you can before making an offer. You may also need to do a bit of negotiating to secure the property.

4. Seal the deal
Once your offer has been accepted there are likely a range of things you need to do to satisfy any conditions within the contract (eg building inspections, valuations, council reports). Your lawyer can give advice about these. You also need to pay the deposit.

5. Insurance
Another crucial step and easily overlooked is insurance for the property which will be a condition of the loan.

6. Settlement, move in :)

Want to find out more? Simply give Mark Jones a call on 0800 404 202 or send him a message