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Insurance & Financial Advice Services

At Hallam Jones Insurance & Financial Advisers we have the flexibility and expertise to provide a wide range of products and services to meet your unique needs.


Your financial safety net. None of us like to think anything untoward will happen in our lives, but the truth is that things do happen - and most often when we least expect them. The best advice we can give is to insure yourself well, then think no more about it. We have access to a huge range of insurance products though a number of trusted providers, so we can get the very best solutions for you. Read more about Insurance.

Financial Planning

Successful financial planning is about looking at the big picture and considering the individual. We can offer you a diverse range of options that suit you perfectly from term investments and lump sum fund management to wealth creation and on-call accounts. We offer full projections after fees and tax and long-term, sustainable returns above the current bank rates. Read more about Financial Planning.

Succession Planning

Keeping your home, farm, business and estate compensations in the family doesn't have to be complicated - we can work with you to make the process easy. Read more about Succession Planning.


We specialise in KiwiSaver, UK and offshore pension transfers, and also offer business and personal superannuation, as well as employee and group life and disability benefits. Read more about UK Pension transfers or Australian Superannuation transfers.

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