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None of us like to think anything untoward will happen in our lives, but the truth is that things do happen - and most often when we least expect them.

The best advice we can give is to insure yourself well, then think no more about it. We have access to a huge range of insurance products though a number of trusted providers, so we can get the very best solutions for you.

Commercial Insurance

Hallam Jones are members of Insurance Advisernet, a national network of brokers, who’s collective buying power enables us to negotiate excellent rates and exclusive insurance solutions from many of New Zealand’s largest insurance companies, for the benefit of our clients. Read more about Commercial Insurance.

Income Protection

If you lost your income tomorrow, even your most valuable asset wouldn't enable you to pay your bills. Insuring your income is one of the smartest financial decisions you will make.

We can help you whether you're self-employed, drawing a salary or whether you obtain income from passive means such as shareholding or investments.

Life Insurance

Life insurance enables you to relax in the knowledge that in the event of your death, your loved ones will not have the extra burden of financial worries. You can provide for your children's education, the mortgage/s on your property and anything else that will assist your loved ones with the transition to the next chapter in their lives.

We can help you determine what level of insurance is right for you; whether it's term life insurance or whole life insurance.

"I have been dealing with the same well-known Insurance Company for about 16 years now and after the first couple of years have had little or no personal contact from them. Maybe my one small life policy doesn't merit any service.

Recently I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk to Ray Siesicki from Hallam Jones Insurance & Financial Advisers and was very impressed by his knowledge and professional manner. He offered to look at my cover and was able to offer a couple of alternatives. I took the one that would save me a whopping 25% for better cover than I had before. His ability as a broker to look around the available companies and find the best option was much better for me than what I had been experiencing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ray and the team at Hallam Jones as a professional and reliable way to get the right insurance."

- Mike Tennent

Domestic Insurance

Do you want to protect your home and contents, motor vehicle, or boat? Talk to us now. We can also help you with public liability and travel insurance.

Health Insurance

Without your health you truly have nothing. Talk to us about individual and family insurance including packages for groups, businesses and large families.

"We have been clients of Hallam Jones Insurance & Financial Advisers for many years. We have always been treated with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, respect and friendliness whenever dealing with the company."

- Mr & Mrs Johnson

More testimonials

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