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Financial Planning

With more information and opportunities available today than ever before, successful financial planning can be a minefield.

We'll work with you to clarify your long and short term goals and determine your level of comfort around risk-taking. From there we can select the optimal investment options for you, or analyse your current investments to ensure they're still meeting your needs.

It's not just about investments though - a well rounded financial plan will consider insurance, superannuation and succession planning. With our experience and your vision, together we'll create the perfect solution.

Don't leave it to chance any longer.


Upon retiring and selling our farm, we wanted the best return possible for our money, as that was what we intended to live on.

Not wanting to put all our eggs into one basket, we went to our bank and to Mark Jones, of Hallam Jones Insurance & Financial Services.

Mark put together an investment plan for us that from the first year on, exceeded our expectations.

Upon the death of my husband, he had willed some money to his chosen charities. These withdrawals/payments were made easy by the team at Hallam Jones.

Last week I went in for my annual review. It's now been 10 years since we started working with Mark and it was great to look back on what we had achieved together.

Bev, Rotorua

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