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Here are some testimonials from a few of our clients...

Medical Insurance

I met Mark Jones about 8 years ago. Our interest in hunting and fishing was a common bond and a trusted starting point for me to consider upgrading my medical insurance. At that time, Mark was offering a very competitive deal with Southern Cross Ltd - far better than the work-based scheme I was already on, so I had no hesitation in accepting his advice and taking up the offer.
Last year I had major surgery (total knee replacement) at the Orthopaedic centre of Grace Hospital Tauranga, and I cannot stress enough the value of the care and service I received. I will always be very grateful to Mark for his professionalism and advice in this one of his many areas of expertise.

Len Parnell, Taurnaga

A Breeze To Work With

Michael has been sorting out our life cover over the last few weeks, and it has been a breeze to work with him.
He knows what he's doing and has sorted all our needs. He is thorough in all that's required to make sure I'm covered with anything life may give me.
Thanks, Michael, for the amazing job.


Guidance & Help

Hi Chris, I just want to personally take the time to acknowledge you for ensuring that I was being looked after I can't thank you enough words can't explain how greatful and how appreciative and I guess lucky I am to have encountered guidance a help from such a beautiful soul thank you Chris 1000 times over I thank you 😊 🙏 I hope you have an amazing day and stay blessed.



Hi Mark, Would just like to say that we are very impressed with your professional advise and guidance for our investments.
You are very easy to deal with and offer great information which gives us what we need to make the right decisions.
We cannot recommend you highly enough.
Many thanks.

Don & Anne McCarrison

Life Insurance

Thank you so much to Blair for helping us sort our life insurance. It had been something on our to-do list for such a long time! He was so helpful with regards to talking us through every option, and was more than happy to go back and forth to ensure we got the right insurance for our needs. I think because Blair has a young family, like us, he really understood the importance of getting it right, so our children would be taken care of should anything happen to either one of us.

Never pushy, always friendly and quick to communicate, we highly-recommend Blair to assist anyone with their insurance needs. He really takes the hassle out of what can be a confusing process!

Erin and Steven Harrison

Financial Advice

Upon retiring and selling our farm, we wanted the best return possible for our money, as that was what we intended to live on.

Not wanting to put all our eggs into one basket, we went to our bank and to Mark Jones, of Hallam Jones Insurance & Financial Services.

Mark put together an investment plan for us that from the first year on, exceeded our expectations.

Upon the death of my husband, he had willed some money to his chosen charities. These withdrawals/payments were made easy by the team at Hallam Jones.

Last week I went in for my annual review. It's now been 10 years since we started working with Mark and it was great to look back on what we had achieved together.

Bev, Rotorua

UK Pension

Mark, Chris and Barbara at Hallams are pleasant and easy to work with. Recently Mark suggested a transfer of our funds from one QROPS scheme to a different QROPS investment fund which minimises fees and enables a tax rebate. This made it possible for us to pay for private health care recently.

Paul & Sue, emigrated from UK in 2007


Mark transferred my KiwiSaver to NZ Funds over 7 years ago. All moneys were placed in 100% Growth Strategy. In the last six years my average growth was 10.48% returned ending Dec 2020. Yes, there was a negative return one year but overall, the performance was great. I would recommend Mark Jones to look at your Kiwi Saver and turbo charge it for better returns.

My only regret - I should of ”invested more”.



I wanted to thank Mark Jones for his help in getting our KiwiSaver sorted out. When we were enrolled by our bank it was automatically set to their default rate. Our returns were minimal and after fees were calculated that we were seeing less than a 2 percent return. Being new to New Zealand we were not too familiar with how Kiwi Saver worked. Mark met with us and reviewed our plan. He also reviewed our financial and retirement goals and insurance needs. We saw a 9.8 percent return our first quarter after switching to Hallam Jones.

It is rare to be able to place 100% trust in a financial advisor but Mark and Hallam Jones have certainly earned ours.

Ricci & Scott Harbuck

Business Insurance

With business booming and larger contracts in the pipeline, it was time to sort out some indemity and public liability insurance.

Mark handed me over to Richard Benton, who not only helped me fill out all the paperwork, but also worked tirelessly to find me the best policy verses price.

I am absolutely thrilled with the service I received and would highly recommend the team at Hallam Jones to anyone.

Chris Parnell, CG Design Ltd

ACC Advice

Last year Richard Benton from Hallam Jones Insurance called and reviewed our ACC arrangements. He changed the way levies were paid, made certain that my wife, Wendy got the cover she was paying for and made sure our current insurances tied in properly with our ACC entitlements. This saved us $2,500 in ACC levies over the next eighteen months and should give us ongoing savings of around $1,700 a year.

Hallam Jones Insurance made the whole thing painless. Richard understands the issues facing small businesses, explained things clearly and gave us an easily followed report to refer to. He completed all the forms with us and looked after the entire proceedings. I’d be happy to suggest a similar review to any other small businessman and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hallam Jones Insurance as the best people to do the job.

Jonathan, Hale Electrical Services Ltd

Life Insurance

I have been dealing with the same well-known Insurance Company for about 16 years now and after the first couple of years have had little or no personal contact from them. Maybe my one small life policy doesn't merit any service.

Recently I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk to Ray Siesicki from Hallam Jones Insurance & Superannuation and was very impressed by his knowledge and professional manner. He offered to look at my cover and was able to offer a couple of alternatives. I took the one that would save me a whopping 25% for better cover than I had before. His ability as a broker to look around the available companies and find the best option was much better for me than what I had been experiencing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ray and the team at Hallam Jones as a professional and reliable way to get the right insurance.

Mike Tennent


I am writing this ​letter to whole-heartedly recommend the services of Mark Jones. Mark's work with my KiwiSaver has been exemplary. Previous to Mark taking over my account I was having issues that spanned months, however after talking with him for 15 minutes, and 2 ten minutes phone calls, all of those issues were resolved. It was a great relief to me, and I was highly impressed with the speed and efficiency with he carried this out.

If you are considering using his services, I would highly recommend that you do. You will be glad you did.


Quality Service

As long associated clients, we are pleased to see that the organisation originally established by Hallam Jones (Hallam Jones Insurance and Superannuation Ltd) is continuing under the leadership of Mark Jones.

We trust that the business values established by Hallam will continue to guide the organisation in the future to ensure services which go beyond simply offering “products.” Those values provided for a level of support and advocacy which ensured a quality of personal service which was once the norm and is now highly treasured for its rarity.

We offer our very best wishes for a successful and secure future for the company and its clients.

Bill and Linda

Life Insurance

In my early twenties I had taken out a life insurance policy with Hallam Jones Insurance after listening to a number of different brokers talk to me about the importance of owning a life insurance policy.

I decided at the time that it was important for me to take out some life cover as I was pregnant with my first child and I wanted to be sure that in any circumstances my family would be financially stable if anything were to happen to me in the future.

Hallam Jones visited me on many occasions to discuss my policy so I understood every part of it. His manner was very pleasant and I felt as though he was genuine in his interest of mine and my family's wellbeing for the future. I was satisfied with my policy and so I filed it away in a safe place never dreaming that in the very near future I was going to have to refer to it.

Just three years later at the age of twenty-seven I was diagnosed with cervical cancer which resulted in me losing my ability to be able to have any more children and left me wondering if I would be given a slim chance to watch my three year old son grow up. At such an emotional and life changing time, Hallam and Barbara Jones and their dedicated team were there to offer me all the help I needed to make sure I was financially cared for, which resulted in a trauma claim on my policy.

For me at that point in my life I was so thankful to them for all their support and kindness, which included flowers and well wishes while I spent time in hospital. Without Hallam & Barbara's assistance and friendship at that time in my life I wouldn't have been able to relax and recover without it causing me a great deal of financial stress.

Eight years on, I am back to full health and the team at Hallam Jones are always just a phone call away if I ever need to discuss any matters regarding my policy. They are truly an awesome bunch of caring people and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for life cover and caring, genuine service.

Lynette, Tauranga

Professionalism & Courtesy

We have been clients of Hallam Jones Insurance & Financial Advisers for many years.

We have always been treated with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, respect and friendliness whenever dealing with the company.

Mr & Mrs Johnson

Insurance Advice

I have only known Richard Benton for a short time but it feels like I have known him forever.

He's a super nice guy with the insurance skills to match. Richard sorted out some very important issues that I had no idea were not already correct within our business. He is a totally trustworthy guy, not pushy at all and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing insurance advice.


Supportive & Understanding

I am writing to acknowledge Mark Jones on the excellent service that he and his company have given me through the many years that I have been with them.

In August 2008 my wife Delia passed away suddenly which was a tragedy and devastating loss to me and my family and still is today. Mark was very supportive and understanding and provided us with excellent services.

Once again to Mark and staff at Hallam Jones, I thank you all again - you all do an amazing job.


Life Insurance & Health Cover

We have been clients of Marks for the past five years. During this time we have changed over to Mark our life insurance, health cover, home & contents insurance & taken out builders risk insurance when building our last house.

At all times we have found Mark to be very professional, courteous, attentive & friendly in his dealings with us. On the few times we have had to make a claim it has been handled with the utmost efficiency by his team, they just take over and look after everything for you. We would have no hesitation in recommending Mark & his team for any insurance need.

Robin & Deborah Bell

Genuine Help

I would like to sincerely thank you [Chris Tomasevich] for your assistance in this matter, we are quick to judge & criticise when things don’t go our way or the outcome is not to our liking, in this instance it was a breath of “fresh air” to have the aid of someone prepared to be of genuine help! You are an asset to your organisation & are to be congratulated, so please accept my gratitude.

Should you have the chance to pass this on to your boss, please advise him that I am more than willing to converse with him on this subject!

Once again, many thanks from a satisfied customer.

Larry B

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