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Active Management of your KiwiSaver investment portfolio means better returns

Hallam Jones

Active management over a length of time means that your investment portfolio is regularly monitored and reviewed to be sure it is on track for positive investment returns. Information and data regarding the investment portfolio are reviewed regularly and decisions are then made about the assets held within the portfolio. Essentially, the goal of active management is to outperform the overall market.

Here at Hallam Jones, we want only the best investment opportunities for our clients, and last year the KiwiSaver Scheme Growth Strategy offered by Hallam Jones was the top-performing KiwiSaver strategy for 2020, providing a 33.76% return for the year ending December 2020.

If you are wondering whether your KiwiSaver investment is in the right place for the best return, it might be time to get in touch. Don't leave things to chance. Find out how we can help you achieve your retirement goals and maximise the return on your investments.

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