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Choose responsible investing for your KiwiSaver

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At Hallam Jones, we know you have big expectations around how you want your money to be managed. That's why we choose to only offer a KiwiSaver scheme with a strong focus on responsible investing.

Our KiwiSaver fund not only has great returns, providing a 33.76% return for the year ending December 2020, it also does so ethically.
This fund is actively managed by experienced and knowledgeable investment managers so you can be sure your retirement dollars are in good hands.

We believe that supporting positive environmental, social, and governance behavior will improve the duration and quality of our relationship with clients, advisers, employees, owners, and the companies in which we invest.

There is also an increasing body of evidence that managing money responsibly improves, rather than detracts from, long-term investment returns. Finally, investing in some categories of securities (such as controversial weapons) is prohibited under New Zealand law, so having a responsible investment policy also helps us meet our legal obligations.

How does our approach differ from other managers? A number of investment managers in New Zealand choose not to adopt a widespread socially responsible investing approach and have instead opted to launch a small number of socially responsible investment products. We do not believe a manager should be able to promote themselves as being socially responsible when only a fraction of the funds they are responsible for are managed responsibly.

To ensure clients are invested in a socially responsible way, our funds are inspected by an independent third-party expert, ISS ESG. ISS ESG is a globally recognised expert on a wide range of sustainability and responsible investing issues, including climate change, Sustainable Development Goals-linked impact, human rights, labour standards, corruption, controversial weapons, and many more.

When you're with Hallam Jones you can be sure your retirement dollars are in good hands - for both your pocket and the planet - while still receiving great returns!

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