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Have you got a financial plan?

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With so much information available about financial planning, it can be a little overwhelming sometimes.
At Hallam Jones, we live and breathe successful financial planning and get a real kick out of helping people clarify and attain their financial goals.

When thinking about financial planning there are a few key steps to work through - and we can help you with these along the way.

• Understand your current financial situation.
We take a good look into your current financials so you get a clear understanding of money in vs money out and what opportunities you have for investing/saving.

• Define your financial goals.
Have you thought about what your plans are for the future? Is retirement looming?

• Consider future cash flow projections.
What do you need to achieve your goals? Are you expecting a windfall in the future? Or is there something that needs to happen eg. an increase in income to follow through with your plan and reach your goal.

• Understand your level of risk. It's important to consider your capacity for risk?

A well rounded financial plan will consider insurance, superannuation, and succession planning. With our experience and your vision, together we'll create the perfect solution.

So, let us carry out a FREE review of your financial situation. We pride ourselves on offering a personal, friendly service.

Call us today and together we'll create the perfect solution to achieve your financial goals.

Want to find out more? Simply give Mark Jones a call on 0800 404 202 or send him a message.

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