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Investment portfolio performance in the 'new normal'

Investment portfolio performance in the 'New Normal'

In the midst of uncertainty, there is always opportunity. Here are some investment highlights we have experienced and are considering at Hallam Jones:

  • In April, we discussed the road to recovery for the global economy would be long, reflecting the reality of the economic ‘sudden stop’.
  • At that time, global share markets were 22% off their lows, but still down -15%.
  • A typical Hallams Jone client was down just -6.5%, highlighting our success in mitigating the downside.
  • Given company valuations were significantly lower and interest rates near zero, there will be large capital flows into share markets.
  • Some five months later, the typical Hallam Jones client is now up 7.9% for the eight months to the end of August, outperforming clients of our major competitors, and the New Zealand share market.
  • In a few months from now, the United States and New Zealand elections will be behind us and there is a good chance that we will be on the verge of an approved COVID-19 vaccine.
  • The journey will remain volatile.
  • For those clients with long-term investment horizons, the best strategy is to look beyond the short-term and ensure your asset allocation reflects your personal circumstances.

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