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Planning For Your Retirement?

Planning for your Retirement? Hallam jones Rotorua

Planning for your retirement can never start too early. In fact the earlier you start the better.

However even if you’re nearing retirement and haven’t consulted a financial planner yet, there's still lots of help and advice Hallam Jones can offer you.

The big questions around retirement are usually:

  • When can I get my hands on my super/KiwiSaver?
  • Should I take it as a lump sum?
  • How much income will I need to live on?
  • How much will my super/KiwiSaver balance need to be to provide that income, allowing for other investments that I hold?
  • What are pensions and annuities - and which is best for me?
  • Will I be able to stay in my current home?
  • How long might my money need to last?
  • Will I qualify for the old-age pension?
  • What if I want to keep working part-time?

Call the office, let's make a time to chat, to answer all of your questions.

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