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Switch your UK Pension to us

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If you've already switched your UK Pension to NZ you'll know what this QROPS word means.

But did you know that you may not be in the best scheme in NZ?

Read all the benefits of Switching QROPS to us - we eliminate a lot of fees.

Haven't transferred your pension to NZ yet?

Read about our UK Pension Transfer services too.

Savings a client made by switching their $400,000 UK Pension to us

Based on UK Pension transfer of approximately $400,000 we were able to save client almost 1% on their Investment Management fees.

In addition, their Advice Fee was 1% but not tax deductible.

Their investment management savings equated to approximately $3,700 per year.

Their advice fee, which equated to approximately $4,000, is now tax deductible.

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