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Why an adviser is an ideal alternative

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I had a chap contact me recently who was frustrated by his bank. He said he’d never used an independent adviser before. But now he felt that he had to because his very good fixed rate had just expired and now, because his interest rate had reverted to the on call floating rate, he was paying much more fortnightly! His budget was being wrecked! He had called the bank but no one had got back to him. Now he was frustrated.

He wanted to restructure, even change banks but in our conversation it became clear he was more frustrated by the situation than the bank and really just wanted an outcome. I told him in turn that remaining where he is was the best for his current situation. We discussed his rate expectation and I was confident I could get that from his current bank. Long story short, that’s what we got and everybody is happy.

The purpose of telling this story is not to criticize the banks. They, like any business run a tight ship and sometimes the staff get a little overwhelmed. An adviser is an ideal alternative because we deal with Broker Units separate from the branches and they are dedicated to getting the volumes of applications they deal with through. They are specialists, always working on deals and operate under a strict process that Advisers are familiar with. Use an adviser! We are independent, ready and willing and can manage your rates changes and negotiations ongoing, for as long as you have a mortgage. You will not be disadvantaged but because we monitor rates ongoing from numerous sources we know whether you’re getting offered a good deal or not. We will certainly look to see if we can improve your situation. Use an Adviser. We can help.

Thomas O’Leary

Mortgage Broker Rotorua

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