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Serious illness treatment


As far as health treatment in New Zealand goes at the moment, If you get sick I mean really, really sick you may not get the best treatment possible. If a treatment is brand new or very specialised, a government agency called Pharmac might get involved and they might tell you that this treatment you really need is not funded by them. If they tell you this then that treatment could suddenly become UNAFFORDABLE.

In other words it could be impossible for you to get because you just won’t be able to pay for it! For example Portrazza, a new drug to treat lung cancer is expected to cost $11,430 a month in the US. https://www.oxfam.org.nz/news/governments-must-act-new-un-report-reduce-cost-medicine. If Pharmac doesn’t fund it you would have to cover that cost yourself! If you couldn’t then you would have to have the treatments that Pharmac do fund which limits your choices at a critical time, a time when you would want all the options on the table, right? Situations like this have been reported in the news in recent years so we are all at risk.

There are Health Insurers though that know that this problem exists and they are willing to cover the costs of non-Pharmac funded treatments if that is what you need. They offer this as part and parcel of the Health Insurance products they offer so that you can make all the choices you want to and not be limited by affordability and someone else’s judgment about whether this treatment is going to be beneficial to you or not, or whether it should be funded or not based on statistics.

If funding for non-Pharmac funded treatments is not a feature of your current Health Insurance then you need to talk to Hallam Jones Insurance and Superannuation today. Immediately. Phone 0800 404 202 or email info@hallamjones.co.nz